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Andrew Weir Yacht Management organise transport of yachts aboard RMS St Helena

RMS St Helena Yacht Transport

RMS St Helena Transporting Yachts

The Governors Cup is a one-way yacht race between Cape Town and St. Helena held every two years. The yachts race to the island and return transport to Cape Town on board the RMS St Helena is arranged by Andrew Weir. The most recent event has finished and the yachts were safely delivered back to Cape Town over Christmas 2010.

Entries ranged from serious racing boats to cruising boats crewed by families and friends.
The event is a handicap race which is open to yachts of any size. While being a chase across the South Atlantic, the accent is on fun and camaraderie and once the destination has been reached, the competitors can enjoy an experience-filled stay on this rugged and beautiful island.

Some yachts choose to continue their cruise to other destinations but the beauty of this race is that the rest of the sailors have a choice – either sail back to the Cape or return reclining in the comfort of a deckchair sipping cocktails on board the affordable, yet luxurious 7000ton passenger/cargo ship, the RMS St. Helena arranged by Andrew Weir Yacht Management.

What makes the race unique is that families and supporters of the sailors can enjoy a trip to the island on the RMS St Helena, meet up with the contestants, have a fascinating holiday and then all return home on the RMS St. Helena – with the yacht on board as well!
The RMS left Cape Town on the 4th December and passed some of the yachts on her way to St. Helena. The yachts were escorted by a support craft, which was made available to offer any assistance necessary. Once the festivities had finished, the returning yachts were loaded onto the RMS St. Helena and she set sail for Cape Town.

Those passengers lucky enough to be return on the RMS St.Helena experienced a nautical Christmas on board the ship. The ship arrived back in Cape Town on the 28th December 2010 – home in time for the New Year celebrations!

Andrew Weir Yacht Management is the only shipping company who can arrange transport for yachts to and from St Helena itself. Transport can also be arranged from Cape Town and St Helena to the UK twice per year on board the RMS.

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